FRP Railway


Composite profiles and GRP gratings (GRP), reinforced with fiberglass, are widely used in the railway sector (trains, trams and underground transport). They are used in these systems both within wagons and in other infrastructure. Composite materials and pultrusion enable fabricated products with complex shapes with excellent mechanical properties and considerable corrosion resistance.

The profiles are also perfect for platforms and the lightness contributes to faster renovation time. This gives will of benefits to both the railways and internationally.

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  • Floor construction
  • Fences
  • Platforms
  • Railings
  • Walkways
  • Ceiling Profiles
  • Stairs & Ladders
  • Rails profiles
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The Advantages


Can be 3 times stronger then steel


1/4 the weight of steel

Low maintenance

easy to assemble and minimal maintenance is needed

Chemical Resistant

ability to withstand highly aggressive chemicals

Fire resistant

using the required resins, results in fire resistance products


Composites are much more durable then traditional materials, since it will not rust or rot

Non magnetic

not attracted by a magnet

Weather & Corrosion resistance

Non corrosive and resistant to all weather conditions


Can be designed in any possible shape

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