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What is


Sheet moulding compound (SMC) or sheet moulding composite is a ready to mould glass-fibre reinforced polyester material primarily used in compression moulding

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Suitable for molding a wide range of parts from very small to very large, from flat panel to very complex shapes.

Sheet molding compounds can be molded into complex shapes. Superior mechanical properties and surface appearance, plus excellent electrical insulation make this thermoset material ideal for automotive Class A body panels, high-strength electrical parts, business equipment cabinets, personal watercraft, and various structural components.

SMC production Daléro

The Advantages

Chemical Resistant

ability to withstand highly aggressive chemicals


1/4 the weight of steel


Has the lowest Co2 consumption in lifecycle compared to wood, steel & concrete


can be designed in any possible shape

Non magnetic

not attracted by a magnet

Low maintenance

easy to assemble and minimal maintenance is needed


Can be stronger than steel

Fire resistant

using the required resins, results in fire resistance products


Composites are much more durable then traditional materials, since it will not rust or rot

Weather & Corrosion resistance

Non corrosive and resistant to all weather conditions

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