Chopped Strand Mat

CSM is made from randomly distributed finely cut HCR glass strands and is connected by a powder or emulsion binder. Widely used in hand lay-up, filament-winding & continuous laminating processes.


Fiberglass Stitched Mat

woven fabric is woven through horizontal and vertical yarns and is mainly used in boats, cars or sports mechanics. There are many different fabrics with different properties. If you want more information or prices about this.



There are 2 different types of Roving, direct & Assembled / Multi-end roving. Direct roving can be used for Pultrusion, Filament winding & Stitched matts. Multi-end roving is used for Chopped Strand Mat or SMC. The tex ranges from 600 to 9600 tex.


Knitted Fabrics

are knitted with one or more roving layers, which are evenly distributed in simple, biaxial or multi-axial direction. It has been specially designed to emphasize mechanical strength in multiple directions. Knitted fabrics can also be combined with CFM, CSM and surfacing mat.


Continuous Filament Mat

This mat can be supplied in many different surface weights and widths. CFM is often used for pultrusion and compression molding.

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