Sustainable alternative

For a better future

Our glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles and grids are a sustainable alternative for a better future. The high strength of the material leads to a minimization of raw material consumption. In addition, we use an energy-efficient production process and significantly less maintenance is required during the life of the product than with traditional materials such as metal and wood.

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Sustainable on every R

In the field of sustainability, we work with the R-ladder of the RVO (Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland). This ladder distinguishes the strategies Rethink (R1), Reduce (R2), Reuse (R3), Repurpose (R4) and Recylce (R5). The following applies here: the lower the figure, the higher the degree of circularity. Daléro pays attention to these strategies in various ways. In this way we keep a grip on the use of materials within our supply chain - now and in the future.

Daléro | Duurzaam composiet

Rethink | long lifetime without maintenance

Our GRP products are lightweight, have a very long lifetime and, unlike traditional materials such as wood, steel and concrete, require virtually no maintenance to extend their lifespan.

Reuse and Repurpose | renew

GRP products have an expected lifetime of more than 50 years. During this lifetime they can be reused without any problems. In addition, the products are very easy to edit for a similar or new application.

Reduce | halving the waste stream

Due to the long service life and the fact that maintenance is not necessary, you preventively save waste flows by choosing glass fiber reinforced plastic gratings and profiles, now and in the future.

Recycle | end of lifetime

Composite is a recyclable product: it can be recycled 100% mechanically into filler for various other applications. At the moment, intensive research is also being carried out into pyrolysis, with which you can recover the original fibres.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) from Daléro

  1. Gender gelijkheidGender equality means equal rights, equal responsibilities and above all: equal opportunities for man and woman, boy and girl. Did you know that in the Netherlands only 4.82% of all CEOs are women? Daléro helps increase this percentage: our founder and owner is a woman. We also strive for equality between men and women in our chain. It is important to us that both men and women hold (management) positions. With a female project manager from the GVK profiles and various other female colleagues, this is all right.

    Finally, Daléro is Melania's ambassador, for and by strong women. Melania strives to empower women economically; in this way the organization initiates sustainable development and provides the impetus for an inclusive society in which women's rights are respected. From an independent economic position, women can determine the direction of their lives themselves and participate fully in society. Melania fights worldwide for women's rights and equal opportunities for men and women.
  2. Eerlijk werkWhen Daléro grows, our partners grow too. This means we can make more impact. We set fixed requirements for our suppliers, based on a worthy working environment for everyone. This is visible in production environments with, for example, the necessary air treatment, attention to safety standards and social initiatives. For example, many events are organized every year, from dance competitions to sports activities, to keep employees connected and connected from the production floor to management level.

    “The first rule of business is FUN”
  3. Verantwoorde consumptieDaléro is investigating several options in this area, namely: the use of recycled stainless steel for our fasteners, the return at End-Of-Life (EOL) of our GRP gratings, the use of bio-composites and recyclate in our profiles, the recycling of products and minimizing the plastic packaging of our products.