GRP Gratings

We supply composite gratings in all shapes and sizes. Our glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) gratings are made by combining fiberglass and thermal resin in a mold. This creates a plastic grid with mesh openings. The GRP gratings are available in different sizes, meshes, colours, thicknesses and finishes. Whatever you choose, our gratings meet the European standard as standard.

Custom Made

Custom gratings

Have you not yet found the composite grating you want?
No problem: Daléro is a specialist in customization. We are happy to develop a schedule that fully meets your wishes.

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The advantages of composite gratings

  • Daléro | Geen corrosie
    No corrosion Composite will not rust or rot and can withstand all weather conditions
  • Daléro | Duurzaam composiet
    Sustainable Has a lower CO2 consumption than wood, steel and concrete and has an expected lifespan of 50+ years
  • Daléro | Weinig onderhoud nodig
    Low maintenance Composite is easy to assemble and requires little to no maintenance
  • Daléro | Sterk composiet
    Strong In some cases, composite is even stronger than steel
  • Daléro | Brandwerend
    Fire resistant The use of specific resins makes composite fire-resistant
  • Daléro | Op maat te ontwerpen
    Custom design Composite can be designed and produced in many possible shapes
  • Daléro | Chemisch bestendig composiet
    Chemical resistant Composite resists highly aggressive chemicals
  • Daléro | Niet magnetisch
    Not magnetic Composite is not affected by magnetic fields