Applicable in every industry

Composite, or glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), is not only applicable in every industry. It also represents a very attractive choice compared to traditional materials such as wood and metal. GRP profiles and gratings are strong, lightweight and flexible. They have a very long service life of more than 50 years, are maintenance-friendly and quick and easy to install. In addition, the material does not rust and is resistant to most chemicals.

Curious about the benefits that glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles and gratings offer for your industry? View the sectors in which Daléro is active.

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Our GRP gratings are used, among other things, in marinas and pleasure ports. They can withstand fresh and salt water, never rust, are super strong and have a non-slip top layer. This makes them perfect for use for jetties and walkways in these ports.

Our gratings are also easy to assemble, last a long time and require little to no maintenance. This makes our product the ideal alternative for a better future.